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About Us

Who Are We....We Are:

➵Girls in the front row at a sold out concert
➵Weekend Warriors
➵Dashboard drummers singing along to the beat
➵Guinevere when Eli Young comes on the radio 
➵The crazy ex-girlfriend
➵Nobody's girl
➵One hot momma
➵Smokers only when we're drinking
➵Wicked twisted road survivors
➵A red headed woman with a cigarette
➵Farmer's daughters
➵Like Texas
➵Good luck and true love
➵Glitter in a gray world
➵Neon in a sea of black
➵Gypsy souls
➵The rancher's wife
➵The girl next door
➵Matches and gasoline
➵Highway vagabonds
➵Tight jean and pink sunglass wearers

Mostly...we are women in need of clothing and accessories to get us down the road wherever it may lead.